4 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Skincare Regimen

4 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Skincare Regimen

We all wish our skin could look a little better, but some people aren’t exactly helping their cause. Over the years, we’ve found that people make these same four mistakes consistently, and it’s limiting their skincare results! Today, we’re going to take a look at what you shouldn’t do when taking care of your skin.

Mistake #1 - Too Much Exfoliation

We know: it feels good to scrub your skin, exfoliating pores and washing away dead cells, makeup, and dirt. Nobody’s arguing that exfoliation isn’t an important part of your skincare ritual, but we are suggesting that some people need to tone it down. If you’re exfoliating more than 3 times a week, there’s a good chance you’re overdoing it.

Particularly if you’re prone to dry or red skin, or if you can’t seem to make progress on your quest to clear up blemishes, you need to be careful about how often you exfoliate. Ideally, you can exfoliate one day, and then focus on moisturizing the next two days -- and then repeat the process. For most people with average skin, this is the best course of action to avoid over-exfoliation.

Mistake #2 - Leaving Makeup On

Girl, I hear you. It’s been a long night, you woke up early, and that bed is looking so ridiculously comfy. But I want you to be strong, and I want you to take off your makeup before you go to bed. Leaving makeup on overnight -- even minimal application of good-quality brands -- is a recipe for skin disaster.

Overnight, that makeup begins to clog up your pores, causing oil to pool and blemishes to begin forming. What’s worse, those pore are essentially gasping for air, and can permanently enlarge as a result of their attempt to ‘breathe’ without the makeup. That means sleeping with your makeup on doesn’t just put you on a week-long acne timeout: it can do permanent damage to your face.

Mistake #3 - Not Putting Hair Up Before Bed

This is an incredibly common mistake that people who usually follow good skincare routines sometimes even fall victim to. The products we use in our hair are not necessarily the products that we want coming into contact with our face, especially for 7, 8, or 9 hours at a time while you sleep.

If you don’t clip your hair back and get all those strands of hair away from your face while you sleep, you’re inviting your face to roll around in oils and chemicals that, again, might be healthy for hair but not for skin. This can cause irritation and even moderate reactions in some people with sensitive skin. Always sleep with your hair up, and not loose around your face.

Mistake #4 - Using Inferior Quality Products

Finally, one of the worst mistakes you can make for your skin is to not spend the extra few dollars to invest in quality products. When you rely on cheap lotions, creams, and facewash, you’re basically admitting that your face -- literally the first thing people notice about you -- is not even worth a few extra bucks to protect.

It’s simple: you get what you pay for. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank by paying for overpriced designer items, either. But by investing in quality skincare products like Beautcy that are gentle and nourishing to your face, you’re creating a skin ecosystem that flourishes... without being constantly irritated by needless dyes, fragrances, or sub-par source materials.

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